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Destination: Steam

The region "Steam" in the OSGrid by Vbinnia Radek is part of a 6 region area (Steam, Steam Sea, Steam Docks, Anvil, Hammer and Rivet) which attends to "Steampunk"

On the arrival at "Steam" one hears the sound of machinerie and singing birds in the background. Pretty close to your landing point you will find a machinery that you should click to get two notecards by Vbinnia. One handles the asking of the stupid question "Are you a man or a woman in real life ?" and gives the intelligent answers why not to ask this question. The other will give enlightment of the "Do's and Don't's" and a "Personal view on stuff that you may very well disagree with"

A sign post close to the machinery will give you a bit of an orientation. "Mill Walk", "Emporium 1", "Coal Town" and "Steam Docks" are the destinations it points to. By the time I made my decision a big airship crossed he sky.

I decided to turn my body to the "Mill Walk" first and took the direction the sign pointed to. I passed a bigger workhall with all kinds of steaming engines in it. It's a two level building and you should use the elevator to get to the upper floor.

The big mill wheel is making it's turns but you should explore the building behind the water mill !
Another signpost gave me the option to go to "Emporium 2" which I followed. A grand view towards the region of "Rivet" was waiting for me.

I moved forward to the "Steam Docks". Many steampunk ships and submarines are at anchor at this place.

After a quick check inside the "Emporium 3" which offers a wide variety of animations, I strolled over the "Steam Dock Esplanade" towards "Coal Town" a dusty old village of the coal miners, with a tall "Tripod" aside guarding over it.

Next and last stop on "Steam" was the "Emporium 1". A warehouse full of stuff a "Steampunker" may need.

All over "Steam" one will find a lot of stuff one can 'copy take'. But in the first place "Steam" and "Steam Docks" are regions for a sightseeing and a long stay. Vbinnia did a great job here. The area is a fantastic place to get a lot of conceptions for your own place, even if it is not "Steampunk" themed. Just have a look, play around and enjoy your stay.
Tipping my hat to Vbinnia Radek.

OSGrid, Region "Steam"

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