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Shopping: Selea's Landscaping - Botanical

For sure one of the Number 1 addresses in the non-commercial Hyperverse is Selea Core's Region "Landscaping - Botanical", when it comes to design a landscape on your sim.

What you can copy/take or buy for zero is a wide variety of plants and other objects one may need to set a nice landscape on the region. From a forest, over a grassy farmland to a rocky mountain area you will make a find for, sure.
The island is divided in smaller sections which I will introduce in this article.
Starting on the most northern side one can choose of different trees of many, shapes, colores and leave forms.

Half way from the center to this section one passes the one with flower bushes of all kinds of shapes and colors.

In the northeastern corner you find the hanging plants and vine tutors.

Half way to the east you find bushes with butterflys flying around,

desert plants,

garden porches,

and arches.

On the outer module, as Selena calls the sections there are more trees.

In the southeastern corner the Whisterias in white and pink found a place to be presented

The southern side holds several flower arrangements

and bush and small tree sceneries.

Further on to the southwest one will find
green bushes, ferns and ground plants

and in the western part more bushes and a various selection of sculpted grasses

plus individual trees

And there is one more corner to be visited the northwestern one, which offers petunias and potted flowers

With that I have made my round on Selea's World "Landscape - Botanical" region. A must visit for the active gardener.

Selea Core Grid, Region Landscaping - Botanical
seleacore.com:8002:landscaping - botanical

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