Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

Destination and Art: Elf Art Gallery

Selea Core is not only a good designer in all kind of items, but she is an elf. And so it is no wonder that she builds a lot in elf art design. The region "Elf Art Gallery" shows the variety of objects she build for that theme. And it is the exhibition area for Selea's kind of Art she makes and likes. Furthermore it is not only a showcase but you can copy take/quite a few of the objects you see. Like the dragons who welcome you at the landing place.

From the landing point I took the pathway leading to the East. To the left and right of the way are wall ruins which present digital art of many themes. The two pictures will show only the first two I encountered on my way to the center. Many more ruin walls are spread around the center. And if you like you can copy take the artwork.

From the center, an elfish decorated place, 8 ways lead to the edges of the region. Being on eastern course I decided to stay on that. Crossing the water via a stone bridge with a covered platform in its middle I reached an island with tryptichs of plant paintings.

Back to the center I choose the way to Northeast. Passing a beautiful designed landscape, I reached a dancefloor with dolphins watching the dancing couples and being the dance animators.

Following the northern path you come to the galleries of gay/lesbian digitally processed photos, as well as elf and fantasy pictures

In the northewestern corner is another gazebo with a dancefloor. A board in front of it will give instructions of its use.

Crossing another bridge gets you to an exhibition of lovely children paintings in a more clipart style.

The southwestern corner shows some modern art sculptures which are to copy and take.

Straight to the South,  art of black and white pictures, Oriental Flowers, Ballerinas are exhibit. There is also a selcetion of picture frames.

The "Romantic Island" awaits you in the southeastern corner.

With that I have visited all the corners of the region.
There are more picture, paintings and digital processed photo art to be seen on the "Elf Art Gallery". And the scenery of the whole region has a romantic, fantasy, elf touch. A nice place to find a rest of the hectic day, either by yourself or with your partner.

Selea's World Grid, Region Elf Art Gallery art gallery

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