Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

Destination: Weihnachtsmarkt

I started my walk on Dorena's "Weihnachtsmarkt" in the tavern "Gasthof zum Engel", a cozy little guest house in the southeastern corner of the region.

From here I started to explore the "Weihnachtsmarkt", which is build a bit different to the ones I saw so far. While the others concentrate the boothes on a point, Dorena's market booths, carousels and other attractions are spread all over the regions. So I trudges through the snow to the first two booths on my right side, where Klarabella Karamell is offering some nice christmas items.

A bit further one can get little dwarfs, 7 on the number.

Opposite of this, one see a candle driven pyramide and a raffle ticket booth where you can try your luck.

Or have a fun ride on the chain carousel.

Behind the chain carousel you'll find three stalls to warm up with Glühwein, Bretzen, Bread and other Goodies.

A few steps away, one will reach the booths of Selea Core, Klarabella Karamell and Seya Devin.

The stage will host live musicians during the holiday season, like Dilah Halostar or SaraMarie Philly, while the Fairytale tent is reserved for the chrisrmas story readings of Rubeus Helgerud and Ichimomo Nakamura.

Between the Big Wheel and the classic Kids Carousel one can gaze at the goodies of Mattie McBride.

Three more booths on "Oberland" (The upper area of the region) contains items to go by Anette Hummel, as she offers animated seasonal gifs, a small selection of Meta_Body 1 avatars and a collection of Furry avatars.

I walked cross country to get to "Unterland" (the lower part of the region) in the northern part of the region but there is a way one can use. You find it, going back to the booth with the 7 dwarfs and follow the way signs passing the Christmas Hulk.
Down here one finds booths with items made by Moni Till from winter boots to gramophones to telescopes.

A working model train by albatross1965 Wirsing and set up by Try Etzel

Advent wreaths by Klarabella Karamell

There is many more to bee seen at Unterland, which is up to you now to check it out. If you are in the Christmas Market shopping mood it's a must to visit the "Weihnachtsmarkt". Lot's of stuff to gaze at and guaranteed that each booth is filled with something one can either copy/take or zerobuy. And the Carousels by Keve Magic invite for a run.

Dorena's World Grid, Region Weihnachtsmarkt

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