Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

Destination: Narayan

On the very east side of Ignis Fatuus Grid you will find the rocky regions of "Narayan" and "Naali", with a castle on a plateau and a fantasy tower, another prominent building on a single rock hill in the southeastern corner of the region.

And in the southeastern corner of "Narayan" my travel starts. Its a flat forest area on almost sea level, where I am standing close to a watermill at the shore, which I visit. The mill is small but you can see the grinder inside.

A house is build very close to the steep slopes of a massive rock. Looks like someone can move in cause the house is empty.

Cause I have seen that tower on top of that rocks I tried to find a way up there and walked around the rock formation.

But I failed in my efforts to find a way up and I decided to fly on top of it.

Being on top and at the tower base a door leads inside. But there is nothing in and disappointed I left the building, when I saw a swing bridge crossing a valley to the next rock formation. Alright, that way I go. On the other side of the bridge, wooden stairs lead up to an artificial platform and from there into a cave. And that cave will give way to the neighbored region of "Naali".

But before leaving to "Naali" I decided to see the area of "Mer 11" with it windmill on a small island......

...and other great buildings.

I almost forget to show you, what you will find on top on the plateau of the bigger rock formation on "Narayan", here it is:

And with the view over to "Naali" from that plateau, I will leave you for now and we meet at the castle of "Naali" next time.

Ignis Fatuus Grid, Region Narayan

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