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Shopping: Aqua Fantasia

If your idea is to set up an aquatic region with underwater scenery, then one of the number 1 addresses to get objects for this task is "Aqua Fantasia", a freebie area made by Selea Core on her Grid Selea's World.

The setup of the region is like all the others made by Selea, so it is easy to find the orientation. In the middle, you find the teleport board to each of the 10 modules.

And let me start with the number one, which offers Underwater Sceneries.

Module 2 for linked fish swarms, rays, sea lions and turtles.

Underwater grass patches of all kinds on Module 3.

Module 4 shows duck weed, frog bits and more.

Watergardens and flexi water lilies in number 5 Module.

Bubbles on Module 6 as well as Off Sim ogjects, wave kits and waterfalls.

Walls with raged edges columns and more to be purchased on Module 7 (not only to be used for underwater purpose).

Looking for seashells, have a look at Module 8.

On Modules 9 you find walled arches.

And Module 10 contains flexi coral reefs and bushes.

Again Selea offers a nice and high quality selection for the use in your fantasy buildings, and all for free. And it needs not only to be an underworld scenery to make use of some of the items.

Selea's World Grid, Region Aqua Fantasia
seleacore.com:8002:aqua fantasia

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