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Roleplay United Federation Starfleet: On Board Davy Crockett Part 2

The "Davy Crockett" is one of the space ships used in the Roleplay of the United Federation Starfleet on 3rdRock Grid. It is the German language ship under the command of Commander Daecalad Brôgdram (IC), (Selenmoira Resident (OOC)).
And that is the ship I am on board at the moment.
In my first part I showed you the quarters and the lounge on level 2 and now I will continue with whatever I will find.
And the first seems to be the machine room of the ship in the back, called "L3-A Engineering Lvl B". And that is packed with all kinds of strange machinery, computer desks and screens which do not make any sense to me. But have a look:

This room is huge and two levels high. Leaving the room through the upper level doors you find yourself in a floor system on level 02.

Again the floor is shaped as a letter U and I walk to the top of it. But this time the hallway makes a little bend and I am in the scientific section of the ship. A cage like room contains botanical species collected at different world I guess

And a few doors will open the way to the laboratories.

Other doors lead to
"L2-S Science Lab II",

private quarters,

Science Lab I,

"L2-F Astrometry",

and the Sickbay.

Others than that, there are some officers and crew quarters.

To get to the next level of the ship I will try one of the elevators. Kind of a small adventure, because I have no idea how those work.
Well there is a board in the back one can click to get a menue. Click it while in the elevator and standing on the tabs on the bottom.

For my next level I select D1 Aft. And yes, managed to get to level 1. My next object of reviewing. Don't forget to live long......and of course......to prosper.

3rd Rock Grid, Region Star Point, USS Davy-Crockett
grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002:star point

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  1. Thanks again for this. It is very helpful for us to understand how other see our offer for roleplay and entertainment.

  2. Yes, thank you very much for this post, it will help understand other ppl how we here are doing at Astraios Colony and on our Ship, the USS Davy Crockett.