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Destination and Entertainment: Coney Island V

You like the smell of the sea, the sounds of the seagulls, the fun. riding carousels and visiting an amusement park. Well get yourself to "Coney Island V" on the Littlefield Grid.
The region is a var region with 4 bigger piers connected to a straight road with shops on the side.

On each of the piers, one will find all kinds of carousels for amusement. Let me start on the most southern pier to show you what to expect.
The most southern located pier is extended to a smaller one, with a speedboat laying aside. And one can ride it, and of course it is fun to do so. The ferry on the other side of the pier was missing at the time of my visit. :-(

The next attraction, I tried, was the working big wheel "Wonder Wheel", It runs with the known sitting bug. Anyway you have a good view over the scenery when being on top.

On the same pier one will find the tall water slide "Splash" which I gave a try as well. But it is hell of a job to get up there using the ladder. (Quiet easy, you just have to click at the base ;-)).
Being on top you click on the blue white slider and the fun starts and ends with a splash in the pool.

On my way back to the road I passed a round box called "Graviton". The door was open and I took a seat. Be sure you will get pressed in the seat at full speed.

On the waterside promenade you will find some smaller restaurants for relaxing and refreshment, as well as some shops. But Hypergrid visitor remember that you can't purchase any items from the Littlefield Grid for use on your base grid.

Between the piers you can visit the beach for a swim or a bath in the sunbeams.

The next pier offers some more amusement. First thing one encounters is a classic old roundabout.

And more modern an quicker one, is called "Brrrrrr".

But the bigger attraction (well, for me) is the wooden water canal rollercoaster "Zoom Flume". Get in the tree stump canoe and click on the control panel outside. Use the mouselook and enjoy the ride.

The next pier offers a ride on the giant swing "Boomerang Pirate Ship".....

...jump the "Moonbounce" (which did not work for me, somehow. Looks like they still working on it)...

...get flung by the "Mister Chunder"...

...loose your orientation on a nameless machine....

...or have your stomach turned upside down on the free falling tower.

The last quay gives a way through the "Chamber of Horrors". (best to switch the environment settings to midnight on this one).

Or you can test your brave heart on a modern type of swing carousel.

And or, with the last attraction, have a ride with the "Wild Mouse".

Right down the line "Coney Island V" is a fun place to be. If you are looking for amusement, this place is one to go to.
A great work done by all the people involved in this project.

Littlefield Grid, Region Coney Island V island v

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