Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

Destination: METROPOLIS - The Neverhood

You like it grungy, you like it urban, then there is a must visit in the METROPOLIS grid with the name "The Neverhood". A grungy, dirty, urban city enviroment welcomes it visitors.

But you will find a fine selection of clothing, furniture and other items for your pleasure. Looking in the regions description the creators are:

Garry Beaumont
Elmo Figaro
Arcadia Asylum
Julius Balogh
Minute Wizardly
Kathje Kitta
Avia Bonne

The city may have seen better days in former times and and the majority of the buildings are abandoned. It gives the feeling you walk the desolated city districts of Detroit. But still you will find some stores with excellent quality items like furniture, clothing for both genders, fun stuff and others.
The city ain't that big and exploring the area is quite easy, but for the ones not looking for ballroom gowns or fine tuxedos the visit of  "The Neverhood" might get a bit time consuming due to the great selection.
I just will show a few pictorial impressions of what to find to stimulate your appetite but the better will be you look for yourself. This region is not only a fine place for the shoppers but an eye catcher in its build. Congratulations to the ones involved in the build up and the region owner Galen Dreamrezzer.

METROPOLIS Region The Neverhood

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  1. hehehe correction again, this is the region I build 4 years ago at OSgrid,and it is been given as a freebie to Galen at Metropolis Grid two years ago.
    The creators involved besides my own creations are friends of mine who gave me permission to add their freebies in a store as well ;-)